The Beauty Queen of Leenane

“Martin McDonagh, the British-born playwright of Irish heritage and humor, made a sensational debut in 1996 with The Beauty Queen of Leenane, his bruising comic melodrama that announced the arrival of a wicked dramatic stylist.

Blending Dion Boucicault’s old-fashioned plotting with Quentin Tarantino’s bloodthirsty humor and a soupçon of Harold Pinter menace, “Beauty Queen” won great fanfare for the way its author wrapped audiences on both sides of the Atlantic around his devious finger.”

~ LA Times

“For anyone who saw the first incarnation of “Beauty Queen,” it’s hard not to miss Mag, Maureen and the fellas who came calling on them when they were bad. That version was about as ideal an introduction to New York as a young playwright like Mr. McDonagh, then still in his 20s, could wish.”

~ New York Times

“McDonagh re-creates traditional Irish family drama only to set it ablaze with a postmodern blowtorch.”

~ LA Times

Beauty Queen of Leenane

“Like the best work in any dramatic genre, it is almost unanswerable.”

~ New York Magazine

Featuring: Pauline Miceli, Elinor Teele,
Marc St. Pierre, and Jeffrey Forte

Directed by Marc St. Pierre

Written by Martin McDonagh

November 9th - 11th & 16th - 18th

Fri. & Sat. at 7:30 PM | Sun. at 3 PM

Home of Gloucester Stage Company
267 East Main St. Gloucester MA

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